Term of Use of CIC Supplier Portal

The CIC Supplier Portal enables supplier registration, information update, invitation to quotation and purchase order issuance.  

Construction Industry Council ("CIC") manages and administers this Supplier Portal, through the web site https://supplierportal.cic.hk ("Site"). CIC provides access to and use of the Site to you subject to the following terms and conditions ("Conditions"). You must read, agree with and accept all these Conditions before you are authorized to access and use the Site.

 Legal Status

  1. The Site is provided only to legal entities, whether individuals or companies, who have the legal capacity to form legally binding contracts under applicable law. If you do not qualify, you are not authorized to access or use the Site.

  1. If you access or use the Site on behalf of a company or other entity, then you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind such company or other entity to the Conditions.

 Continuing Acceptance of Conditions

  1. CIC may change these Conditions from time to time. CIC will inform you of any such changes within a reasonable advance notice period. It is your sole responsibility to monitor any such notice and to ensure that you have been updated on any change to the Conditions every time you access to the Site. If you do not agree to the changes, you must discontinue using the Site. Your continued use of the Site will signify your acceptance of the changed Conditions.

 Password and Security

  1. As part of the Site's registration process, you will receive or create a log-in name and password for access and use of the Site. You assume the sole responsibility for ensuring and maintaining the security and confidentiality of the password and are responsible for all activities and consequences, whether intended or not, that occur under your password.

  1. You are responsible for ensuring that you properly logout your account and exit the Site at the end of each session. You agree that CIC will not be liable for any loss or damage or consequences arising from your failure to comply with this condition.

  1. You agree that you will notify CIC of the password re-set request if your password is stolen, lost, disclosed to another party or used by an unauthorized party.

 Contact Information

  1. You are responsible for providing your accurate and updated contact information to CIC, in particular e-mail address. CIC will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising if there is any missing e-mail message or electronic notice resulting from any out-dated, incorrect or unclear contact information. If you notice or suspect that you could not receive any e-mail message or electronic notice sent by the Site, it is your sole responsibility to inform CIC and provide the right contact information to CIC. CIC reserves the right to revise, discontinue, reclaim or discard your log-in name and password for any reason without notice.

Use of the Site

  1. You are not authorized to access or use the Site except for your own use. Any authority granted to you to access or use the Site is non-transferable, and you shall not sell, trade, resell or exploit any such authority.

  1. You are responsible for ensuring that you have and maintain, at your own expense, adequate computer hardware, computer software, telecommunication equipment and related services ("Supplier Setup") to support your use of the Site. And you are also responsible for monitoring the notice and guideline of the Site, which may be updated from time to time, about the requirements of Supplier Setup. It is your sole responsibility to keep the Supplier Setup in order and in compliance with the said requirements.


  1. The Site, or access to the Site, may be terminated at any time by CIC for any reason without notice. The provisions of these Conditions, where applicable, shall nevertheless survive any such termination.

  1. You are responsible to renew your information in the Site annually. Failure to do so may result in CIC terminating your access to and use of the Site.

Transmission of Materials

  1. If you transmit any information, text, images, video clips, directories, files, databases, figures or listings ("Materials") to the Site, you represent, warrant and agree that all your Materials are true, accurate, current, complete and lawful. You also agree to promptly update your Materials to keep them true, accurate, current, complete and lawful.

  1. You agree to grant CIC for the purpose of operating the system on behalf of CIC, a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, sub-licensable and royalty-free right to use the Materials for the purpose of bid evaluating, analysing and assessing the contents of the Materials in the following manners:

a) Reproducing your Materials and distributing the same to any of CIC's affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, licensees         or agents ("CIC Parties"); and

b) Importing and exporting your Materials from country to country or from region to region without any restriction.

  1. It is your sole responsibility for transmitting the Materials in compliance with the supported file formats stated in notice of the Site.

  1. You represent and warrant that you own all intellectual property rights in, or have obtained all necessary authorizations from the right owners to use, the Materials, and that the transmission of the Materials to the Site and any use of the Materials by CIC as described in paragraph 13 above shall not infringe or violate any person's intellectual property rights. You agree to indemnify CIC against all liabilities, claims, actions, costs and damages arising out of any breach of this clause.

  1. You further represent and warrant that any Materials you transmit to the Site shall not contain any virus, cookies, malicious computer code or other forms of destructive devices that have the effect of damaging, interfering with, or intercepting any database, software or hardware system or accessing or analysing any data stored in those systems.

  1. CIC has the right in its sole discretion to backup, restore, rename, relocate, discard, purge, remove or delete, at any time, any Materials that you may provide.

  1. No business or agency relationship or otherwise howsoever is created between you and CIC, its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, licensees or agents by virtue of the receipt, analysis or assessment of your Materials.

  1. You acknowledge and agree that CIC may disclose any Materials you provide if required to do so by any applicable law, in order to comply with legal process, upon request by law enforcement or any government agencies, or in order to protect the rights, property or safety of CIC Parties or the public.

  1. You agree not to offer, give or agree to give to any person employed by or on behalf of CIC any gift or consideration of any kind as an inducement or reward for any act in relation to your registration on the Site. Any breach of this condition by you (or by anyone employed by or acting on your behalf) in relation to your registration on the Site will entitle CIC to terminate your access to and use of the Site with immediate effect.

  1. You acknowledge and agree to receive e-messages or process e-transactions when you register on the Site.

 On-time Bid Submission

  1. You should be fully aware of that Internet traffic may happen from time to time to slow down the response time and overall process time of the Site including but not be limited to bid submission. It is your own responsibility for ensuring that you have sufficient time to complete the submission before the deadline. You agree that CIC has the sole discretion whether or not to accept any bid that is late or incomplete.


  1. You acknowledge and accept that:

a) A cookie is a piece of information that is sent by our Site to your browser and stored in your computer when you access our Site. This       information is sent back to our Site each subsequent time you access our Site.

b) The cookie allows our Site to assign a unique permanent identifier to your computer to associate your computer with our Site.

c) The cookie records what part of our Site you have visited and does not contain any personal data about you.

d) CIC may link the information collected in the cookie with other identifying information we have relating to you in order to provide you          with better service in our Site.

 Restriction on Use

  1. You agree that you will not use the Site to:

a) Impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent your or anyone else's affiliation with you or anyone else;

b) Upload, post or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, or promotional material;

c) Upload, post or otherwise transmit any data file containing software viruses or any other computer code designed to interrupt, destroy       or limit the functionality of any computer software or computer hardware or telecommunications equipment;

d) Act in a manner that negatively affects the ability of any other Site users, visitors or CIC to engage in reasonable usage of the Site;

e) Interfere with or disrupt the services of the Site; and

f) Transgress any applicable regulations, rules or statutory provisions of the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or any       other relevant jurisdiction or any order or rule of any court of competent jurisdiction.

  1. If CIC, in its sole discretion, determines that a transgression of the Conditions has occurred, CIC may pursue any of its legal remedies, including but not be limited to immediate cancellation of the log-in name (as described in paragraph 4). CIC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take any actions that it believes prudent or necessary to minimize or eliminate its potential liability, including but not be limited to the release of any of your information as required under paragraph 19.


  1. The Site is provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis, and your use of the Site is at your sole risk. To the extent permitted by law, any condition or warranty which would otherwise be implied into these Conditions is hereby excluded.

  1. CIC does not accept any responsibility for any loss, claim, demand or damage of any kind which you may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with your use or inability to use the Site. Without limiting the foregoing, CIC makes no representation or warranty that the Site will meet with your requirements or expectations, nor does CIC make any representation or warranty that the results that may be obtained from the use of the Site will be accurate or reliable.

  1. CIC accepts no responsibility for the timeliness of receiving, analysing and assessing your Materials, mis-delivery or deletion of the Materials, failure to store the Materials, accessibility of the Site, interruption of the Site, or any other technical defects which may occur from time to time.

  1. You will be solely responsible for any damage to your own computer system or loss of data which arises in connection with your access or use of the Site. Without limiting the foregoing, CIC makes no representation or warranty that the Site and any necessary software ("Software") used in connection with the Site, and any program in any form and cookie sent by the Site and installed/stored in your computer, are free of virus, malicious computer code or other forms of harmful interference.

  1. Transmitting any Materials to the Site is at your own risk. CIC does not guarantee that the data transmission is totally secured and CIC is not responsible or liable for the security of the Materials.

  1. Registration in the Site does not mean that you will be automatically invited for any business opportunity with CIC. CIC reserves the right to select any supplier for tendering, RFP, RFQ or direct negotiation at its sole discretion.

 Personal Data in the Materials

  1. You are aware of that, submission of personal data in the Materials is on a voluntary basis although CIC may rely on such data for bid evaluation or for related purposes. Where you disclose any third parties’ personal data to CIC, you undertake and agree that you have fully complied with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) and have procured all third parties' prescribed consents necessary from time to time for CIC to use or disclose such personal data for purposes specified under this clause. CIC may use the personal data you provide on the Site to contact your company when there is business opportunity through which CIC may purchase goods/services from your company. CIC may use the personal data to contact your company in relation to its CIC Supplier Portal registration. You have the right to assess the information you provided by entering in the Site, and you are also responsible for updating the personal information as mentioned in Paragraph 7.

Personal Information Collection

  1. CIC is committed to protecting your privacy and implementing the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“Ordinance”) and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations relating to data privacy by taking all reasonable steps to safeguard the personal data provided in the CIC Supplier Portal from unauthorised access, processing, erasure or other use during collection, holding, processing, using and transfer. Set out below is information that explains our practices about the way your personal data (“the Personal Data”) is collected and used.

 Personal Data We Hold

  1. Personal Data held by CIC includes information such as credentials, C.V., contact information, job title, email address, etc which were collected from you directly. CIC may use the personal data you provide in CIC Supplier Portal, through the Site for sourcing related activities and any directly related purposes. CIC may also use such personal data:

a) to invite to quotation and issue purchase orders;

b) to respond to and follow up on your enquiries;

c) to conduct supplier surveys;

d) to conduct research and perform statistical analysis;

e) to notify you of changes that may affect you;

f) to communicate with you; and

g) for other CIC operations in connection with sourcing and directly related purposes.

 Transfer of Personal Data

  1. If it is necessary for any of the purposes stated above, CIC may transfer your personal data to the related CIC companies which source the relevant vendor and/or open the relevant quotation.

  1. Unless permitted or required by law, the CIC will not disclose your personal data to any third parties without your prior consent.

Force Majeure

  1. CIC shall not be liable to you for delays and failures in performance resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of god, labour disputes, disturbances, material shortages, or rationing, riots, acts of war, government regulations, communication or utility failures, or casualties.


  1. You must ensure that you comply with all laws, statues, ordinances, rules and regulations of any applicable jurisdiction in relation to your access or use of the Site.

  1. No failure or delay by CIC in exercising or enforcing its rights under these Conditions shall be deemed to be a waiver of that right, and no waiver by CIC of any breach of the Conditions shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.

  1. Should any provision of these Conditions be deemed to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason by a court of competent jurisdiction such provision shall be severed from the Conditions and the balance hereof shall not be affected and will continue in full force and effect.

  1. These Conditions shall be governed by, and construed in all respects in accordance with, the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("HKSAR"). You hereby agree resolving all disputes related to these Conditions to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of HKSAR.

Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

December 2021



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  1. 本網站僅供根據適用法律,有法律能力訂立具法律約束力合約的法律實體使用,不限於個人或公司。如果你不符合以上資格,則無權瀏覽或使用本網站。

  1. 如果你代表公司或其他實體瀏覽或使用本網站,則代表你表示及保證你有權使該公司或其他實體受條款約束。


  1. 議會可能不時修訂此等條款。議會將在合理提前通知期內通知你任何此類變更。你有責任留意任何此類通知,並確保在每次瀏覽本網站時均已了解任何條款變更。如果你不同意此等變更,則必須停止使用本網站。若你繼續使用本網站,則表示你接受已修改的條款。


  1. 在註冊本網站的過程中,你將收到或創建用於瀏覽及使用本網站的登入名稱和密碼。你須自行承擔確保密碼安全和保密的責任,並對(有意或無意)使用該密碼進行的所有活動和後果負責。

  1. 你有責任確保在每次瀏覽完畢後妥善登出帳戶及退出網站,並同意議會不須對因未能遵守此條件而導致的任何損失、損害或後果負責。

  1. 如密碼被盜、丟失、洩露予第三方或被未經授權人士使用,你同意就密碼重設要求通知議會。


  1. 你有責任向議會提供準確及最新的聯絡資料,尤其是電郵地址。如果因任何過時、不正確或不清晰的聯絡資料導致錯過電郵訊息或網站通知,而造成任何損失或損害,議會將不承擔任何責任。如果你發現或懷疑自己無法收到任何電郵訊息或本網站的通知,你有責任通知議會,並向議會提供正確的聯絡資料。議會保留以任何理由修改、暫停、收回或報廢用戶登入名稱和密碼的權利,恕不另行通知。


  1. 除個人使用外,你無權瀏覽或使用本網站。瀏覽或使用本網站的任何權限均不可轉讓,你不得出售、交易、轉售或濫用任何此類權限。

  1. 你有責任自費確保擁有及維持足夠電腦硬件、電腦軟件、電子通訊設備和相關服務(「供應商設置」),以支援你使用本網站。你亦須密切留意本網站關於供應商設置要求的通知和指南。此等通知和指南可能會不時更新。你須自行承擔確保供應商設置妥善保養並符合上述要求的全部責任。


  1. 議會可隨時出於任何原因終止本網站或對本網站的瀏覽而毋須事先通知。在適用情況下,此等條款在服務終止後仍然有效。

  1. 你有責任每年更新你在網上平台的資料,否則議會可能會終止你對本網站的瀏覽及使用。


  1. 你聲明、保證及同意,你向本網站傳輸的所有資料、文本、圖像、影片、目錄、文件、數據庫、圖表或列表(「資料」),均為真實、準確、最新、完整且合法的資料。你亦同意及時更新有關資料,確保其真實性、準確性、時效性、完整性及合法性。

  1. 你同意授權議會以營運議會系統為由,在全世界以非獨享、不可撤銷、可自由轉讓和免版稅的方式使用資料,並透過以下方式進行投標評估、分析和審核資料內容:

a) 複製資料並將其分發予任何議會附屬機構、子機構、董事、高級職員、員工、獲許可人士或代理人(「議會各方」);及

b) 在國與國或地區與地區之間輸入及輸出資料,不受任何限制。

  1. 你須對按照本網站通知所述支援文件格式傳送的資料負有全部責任。

  1. 你聲明及保證,你擁有此等資料的所有知識產權,或已從產權擁有人處獲得使用這些資料的所有必要授權。將此等資料傳送到本網站及議會以任何方式使用此等資料均不侵犯或違反任何人士的知識產權。如因違反本條款而引起任何責任、索賠、訴訟、費用和損失,你同意就此賠償議會。

  1. 你進一步聲明及保證,你傳送到本網站的任何資料不含任何病毒、cookies、惡意電腦程式碼,以及其他能夠破壞、干擾或攔截任何數據庫、軟件或硬件系統,以及存取或分析儲存在該等系統中任何數據的破壞性裝置。

  1. 議會有權隨時自行決定備份、恢復、重新命名、重置、報廢、清除或刪除你所提供的任何資料。

  1. 你與議會、其附屬機構、子機構、董事、高級職員、員工、獲許可人士或代理人之間不得因接收、分析或評估你所提交的資料而產生任何商業、代理或其他任何關係。

  1. 你知悉及同意,在任何適用法律要求的情況下,議會可以披露你提供的任何資料,以遵守法律程序,回應執法部門或任何政府機構的要求,或保障議會各方或公眾的權益、財產和安全。

  1. 你同意不得向議會僱員或任何代表議會的人員提供、給予或同意給予任何形式的禮物或報酬,作為你在本網站進行註冊相關任的何行為的誘因或報酬。你(或任何受僱於你或代表你行事的人士)如違反與你在本網站註冊有關的此項條款,則議會有權終止你瀏覽及使用本網站的權利,並立即生效。

  1. 你知悉及同意在註冊本網站帳戶時,接收電子訊息或處理電子交易。


  1. 你應充分了解互聯網可能會不時出現線路繁忙的情況,減慢本網站的反應時間和整體處理時間,包括但不限於提交徵求意見書/報價邀請文件。你應自行確保自己有足夠時間在截止時間前完成提交程序,並同意議會可全權決定是否接受任何逾期提交或資料不完整的徵求意見書/報價邀請文件。


  1. 你知悉及同意:

a) Cookie是當用戶瀏覽本網站時,由網站發送至用戶瀏覽器,再儲存於電腦的資料。每次用戶瀏覽本網站時,此等資料都會發送回本網站。

b) Cookie允許本網站為用戶電腦分配獨一無二的永久標識,將用戶電腦與本網站相聯。

c) Cookie會記錄用戶瀏覽過本網站的哪個部分,當中不涉及任何用戶的個人資料。

d) 議會可能會連結 cookie 所收集資料與我們手上與你相關的其他識別資料,以便為你提供更好的網站服務。


  1. 你承諾不得使用網站於以下用途:

a) 冒充任何人士或機構,或謊報自己與任何人士的關係;

b) 上傳、發佈或以其他方式傳輸任何未經請求或未經授權的廣告或宣傳材料;

c) 上傳、發佈或以其他方式傳輸任何含有軟件病毒或任何電腦程式碼的數據文件,以中斷、破壞或限制任何電腦軟件、電腦硬件或電子通                  訊設備的功能;

d) 致令其他網站用戶、瀏覽者或議會無法合理使用網站;

e) 干擾或破壞本網站的服務;及

f) 違反香港特別行政區或任何其他相關司法管轄區的適用法規、規則或法定條文,或任何具司法管轄權法院的命令或規則。

  1. 若議會確定用戶作出了違反條款的行為,可以採取任何法律手段作出糾正,包括但不限於(如第 4 段所述)立即註銷用戶的登入名稱。議會保留絕對酌情權,決定是否採取任何其認為謹慎或必要的行動,盡量減少或消除其潛在責任,包括但不限於根據第 19 段要求發佈任何與你相關的資料。


  1. 本網站以「現況」和「現有」的基礎提供,用戶須自行承擔使用網站的風險。在現行法律最大容許的情況下,本條款並不附帶任何類型的明示或隱含的保證或條件。

  1. 若你因使用或無法使用本網站而直接或間接遭受任何損失、索賠、追究或損害,議會將不承擔任何責任。於不影響上述規定的情況下,議會並不作出任何陳述或保證本網站將滿足你的要求或期望,亦不作出任何陳述或保證使用本網站可能獲得的結果是準確或可靠的。

  1. 議會對所提交資料的及時接收、分析及評估、資料的錯誤遞交或刪除、材料儲存失敗、網站存取、網站服務中斷或任何其他不時發生且可能導致的技術故障概不負上任何責任。

  1. 你須自行承擔電腦系統因瀏覽或使用本網站而蒙受損壞或數據損失的全部責任。於不影響上述規定的情況下,議會並不作出任何陳述或保證本網站、本網站使用的任何必要軟件(「軟件」),以及本網站發送及安裝/儲存在你的電腦中的任何程式和cookie不含任何病毒、惡意電腦程式碼或其他形式的有害干擾。

  1. 你必須自行承擔在網站傳輸任何資料的風險。議會不保證數據傳輸完全安全,且並不承擔任何對資料安全性的責任。

  1. 在本網站註冊帳戶並不代表你將獲自動邀請得到議會的任何商業機會。議會保留絕對酌情權決定選擇任何供應商進行投標、發出徵求意見書、邀請報價或直接協商的權利。


  1. 你知悉在資料中提交個人資料乃在自願的基礎上進行,儘管議會可能會根據此等資料進行競投審核或相關目的之用。你向議會披露任何第三方的個人資料,代表你承諾並同意自己已完全遵守《個人資料(私隱)條例》(第 486 章),並已得到所有第三方當事人訂明同意,不時允許議會根據本條款列明的目的使用或披露此等個人資料。議會可能會使用你在議會供應商平台提供的登記個人資料,聯絡你的所屬公司提供商業機會,向其購買商品/服務。你有權登入網站審視所提供的資料,並有責任更新第 7 段所述的個人資料。


  1. 議會致力保障個人私隱,並會在收集、持有、處理、使用和轉移資料的過程中,根據《個人資料(私隱)條例》》(「條例」)和其他私隱相關適用法律、規則和法規的規定採取一切合理措施,保護你在議會供應商平台提供的個人資料,以防資料遭到未經授權的瀏覽、處理、刪除或其他用途。我們在收集及使用用戶個人資料(「個人數據」)的做法詳列如下。


  1. 議會持有的個人資料包括直接向你收集的證書、履歷、聯繫方式、職位、電郵地址等資料。議會可能會將你透過議會供應商平台提供的個人資料用於採購相關和任何直接相關的目的。議會亦可能使用此類個人資料於以下目的:

a) 邀請報價和發出採購訂單;

b) 回應及跟進查詢;

c) 進行供應商調查;

d) 進行研究及統計分析;

e) 通知你可能影響你的變更;

f) 與你溝通;及

g) 其他用於採購和直接相關目的之議會工作。


  1. 就上述任何用途之需要,議會可能會將你的個人資料轉移給正在尋找相關供應商及/或開啓相關報價的議會相關公司。

  1. 除非法律允許或要求,否則未經你事先同意,議會不會向任何第三方披露你的個人資料。


  1. 如因超出合理控制範圍的原因而導致任何延誤或表現失準,議會概不負責,包括但不限於天災、勞資糾紛、騷亂、物資短缺或實施物資配給、暴動、戰爭行為、政府法規、通訊及公用設施故障或人員傷亡。


  1. 你必須確保遵守與瀏覽或使用本網站相關的任何適用司法管轄區的法律、法令、條例、規則和規例。

  1. 若議會未能或延遲行使或執行其在本條款下的權利,不應視為放棄該權利,而議會免除用戶違反本條款的責任,亦不應視為免除其將來違反相同或其他條款的責任。

  1. 若本條款的任何規定因任何原因被具司法管轄權的法院視為無效或不可執行,則該規定應從本條款中去除,其餘規定將不受影響,仍然具有完全效力。

  1. 本條款受香港特別行政區(「香港」)法律管轄,並按香港法例詮釋。你謹此同意將與本條款有關的所有爭議交由香港特別行政區法院專屬管轄。